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Come summer, it’s easy (and oh-so-tempting) to sideline your self-care routine and all the obligations that go along with it. And who can blame you? You’ve got sun to soak up, poolside drinks to sip , and al fresco meals to linger over.

That being said, we all know we’ll be happier once fall arrives (not to mention during your much-deserved time off) if you’ve made it through the season without abandoning your beauty duties.

“The key to wellness is not to take a vacation from your maintenance,” says Kara Kemp, Salon Coordinator at Tangerine. “Consistency is what will keep you feeling yourself throughout the summer months.”

Ahead, what to add to your routine (and what not to neglect) to pull off summer, flawlessly.


Sunshine, pool time, and saltwater are the makings of any great summer day. Unfortunately—and frankly, unfairly—they’re also harsh on your hair and your color.

This is particularly true for blondes. “There’s a lot of stress on blondes in the summertime,” confirms Kara. “The hair is often broken or seems dry and brittle.”

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to combat this—and you can start in the salon.  “Our Botanical Hair Therapy Treatment provides extra hydration that hair won’t get from your regular shampoo and conditioner,” explains Kara. “And if you’re coming in for a color appointment, we can also add a gloss to provide extra shine and protection and seal in the follicle.”

Source: Aveda
Source: Aveda

Even non-blondes are not immune to the damaging effects of the sun (and are faced with the additional quandary of fading). Fight back with Aveda’s Color Conserve line, which helps seal in color and add a touch of extra protection from sun, water, and environmental stresses.

Headed to the beach? Bring out the big guns. Sun Veil Protective Hair Veil protects your hair from sun exposure for up to 16 hours.


Even if you don’t color your hair, summer can be a particularly stressful time for your tresses. If they’re looking more straw-like than sun-kissed post-beach trip, the aforementioned Botanical Hair Therapy Treatment could be a godsend for you, too.

You can also take steps to prevent and treat damage at home with Aveda’s (fittingly named) Damage Remedy line, which will help rebuild your hair by reintroducing protein into the strands. Alternately or additionally, reach for products from the Smooth Infusion line, which packs the one-two punch of contributing moisture and smoothing the hair follicle to lock out humidity. (Read: goodbye, frizz!)

Source: Aveda
Source: Aveda


Whatever the season, your face deserves SPF every single morning—and there’s no better time to start than summer. Aveda’s making it easier for all of us with their new Daily Light GuardDefense Fluid, which boasts 100% mineral-derived sunscreens and plant-derived pollution defense. “It’s great for all skin types, because it’s easy to adapt,” says Kara. “If you have dry skin and like a heavier moisturizer, it works well underneath that. Or, it can be used on its own for someone who only requires light moisturizing.”

Source: Aveda
Source: Aveda

Though take caution when foregoing moisturizer in the summer months—tempting as it can be when the temps and humidity rise. “You don’t think about how much you sweat when it’s hot out,” Kara warns. “It’s important to keep you skin hydrated, even when you don’t feel like it needs it.”


This of course applies to haircuts, which are crucial when it comes to preventing your ends from becoming a brittle and frayed. But perhaps most importantly, it applies to everyone’s favorite beauty service: hair removal. Booking ahead ensures you’re never scrambling right before your vacation (not to mention, allows you to enjoy a stress-free, hair-free week at the beach).

To maximize returns on your service, reach for Beautifying Composition Oil. “It’s been a crowd favorite for soothing the skin after your service,” says Kara. “It’s really useful for preventing bumps and other blemishes that sometimes result from waxing.”

Source: Aveda
Source: Aveda


Sticking to your routine is important when you travel, too—and that means passing over whatever shampoo and conditioner your hotel is stocking in favor of something you know gets the job done. Aveda offers many of its all-star products in TSA-approved sizes, so you never have to be stuck without them.

Not sure what you need? “We can help you put together a travel pack that’s suited to your hair needs and where you’re going,” says Kara.

Because vacation might only last a week—but the photos last a lifetime. 😉

Happy summering!

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