Skin Care & Facials

AVEDA Facial:
30 min - $65
60 min - $95
90 min - $120

Our highly-trained estheticians will consult with you to design a customized facial experience to specifically meet your individual skin needs, integrated with exclusive Aveda skin care treatments to restore your skin to a healthy balance. Add-on services available to enhance your experience.
Perfecting Plant PeelSM
Treatment Only: $60
Treatment With Facial: $125

Beyond glycolic peels—the Perfecting Plant PeelSM gives you the instant exfoliation and radiance benefits of a 30% glycolic peel but without the associated irritation. Recommended in a series of four to achieve optimum results.
Kühl It Facial
90 Min Treatment: $135

This facial utilizes the power of cryotherapy to cool, hydrate and soothe inflamed and sensitive skin. It uses Aquaoleation massage to warm and relax the face creating microcirculation, followed with the cold plunge using chilled tools to encourage lymphatic drainage and reduce overall puffiness and redness. Lastly, the skin undergoes a hydrating sponge bath, using the gentle but firm rolling pressure of chilled beauty blenders soaked in Aveda Hydrating Treatment Lotion to infuse soothing hydration deep within the skin for a dewy, glowing and hydrated complexion. The last step will keep you looking and feeling fresh and cool all summer long (and after!)
Treatment: $70
As an add-on: $40

Dermaplaning is an excellent physical exfoliation method to remove excess dead skin and hair from your face and neck, and improve skin texture and product penetration. Afterward you will have a brighter, more smooth complexion.
Treatment: $85
As an add-on: $70

Microdermabrasion treatments clarify, smooth and even skin complexion. This non-invasive technique performed with a diamond-tipped wand may be incorporated into your facial or a stand alone service to gently remove dead skin cells. Recommended 4-6 initial treatments and then once a month for maintenance.
Microneedle Treatment
Treatment: $195
Décolleté Add-on : $75

Microneedling is a treatment on the face and neck that uses small needles to penetrate and infuse serum into the skin, plumping and hydrating the epidermis. Through this process, your own body’s natural collagen response is activated, creating collagen and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It can also be used to treat healed acne scars, reducing their appearance, and giving a more even skin tone. Results can be seen in one visit, but best results are given with a treatment every 6 weeks. This service will include a cleanse, numbing treatment, cleanse again then microneedle applied using hyaluronic acid.

Massage & Body Treatments

Relaxation Massage:
30 min - $65
60 min - $95
90 min - $120

Enjoy a massage that uses light to moderate gliding strokes to induce relaxation. This session helps melt away stress and tension and includes your choice of Aveda's essential oil blends made from 100% certified-organic ingredients with aromas clinically proven to reduce stress.
Therapeutic Massage:
60 min - $110
90 min - $135

Each massage will begin with a brief consultation to assess the guest's specific needs in order to customize their experience. This customized session will target problem areas and chronic muscle tension with medium to deep pressure. Your therapist is able to incorporate techniques such as myofascial release, deep tissue, cupping therapy, reflexology, lymphatic work and/or the use of hot stones to address your areas of concern. Each session includes your choice of Aveda's essential oil blends.
Prenatal Massage:
30 min - $65
60 min - $95

A customized side-lying and/or elevated massage for the mommy-to-be utilizing Swedish massage techniques. This relaxing massage with address areas of tension and encourage lymph circulation with light to medium pressure. Each session includes your choice of Aveda's essential oil blends. Scheduled only after the first trimester, no deep tissue.
Express Body Scrub:
Treatment: $55
As an add-on: $35

Renew body and mind with this stimulating and nurturing dry scrub. Your body is exfoliated, smoothed and softened. This approximately 20 minute service includes a scalp and foot massage. This is a great option to add to a massage or facial!
Spa Body Treatment:
Treatment: $95

A warming, detoxifying, seaweed body treatment featuring the uplifting aroma of Aveda's body care products. This approximately 40 minute treatment includes a dry exfoliation, seaweed body masque, scalp and face massage and foot reflexology treatment. and it is completed utilizing our spa shower.