It’s funny—summer is supposed to be a season for slowing down, taking a break, and enjoying the sunshine. Somehow, though, it seems to fly by in a whirlwind of fun and activity. And before we know it, you’re closing in on fall.

For the team at Tangerine, this summer has been no exception. Here’s a quick look at what’s keeping us busy (in all the right ways)!



Remember that feeling of starting the school year with brand new school supplies? It’s kind of unbeatable, really. We think every kid deserves that feeling—and the chance for success that comes with it.

For the second year, we’re joining forces with the United Way in their Stuff the Buscampaign. Their goal is to collect 5,000 kits for area students who are either homeless or unable to afford supplies.

Being in an industry that places such a value on education as a lifelong practice, this cause is extremely close to our hearts. And for our owner, Kara Kemp, it’s even closer—she comes from a family of teachers and educators.

“The whole team here wants to give back,” says Kara. “It’s a big part of our motto—everyone wants to do some sort of philanthropy throughout the year, and this is something all of us can get behind.”

Our goal is to collect 50 kits—double what we contributed last year. If you want to help, you can bring school supplies into the salon—check out the below list for needed items!

As a thank you for helping us reach our goal, we’re gifting a travel-sized Aveda Hand Relief to everyone who brings in at least $10 worth of school supplies. Thank you in advance to all of you who contribute to this invaluable investment in our community.

One kit includes:

  • Crayons (24-count Crayola)
  • Scissors (Fiskar)
  • Composition or spiral notebooks with wide-ruled paper
  • Glue sticks (Elmer’s)
  • Folders with pockets and prongs
  • 1’’ 3-ring binder
  • Expo markers (dry erase)




Source: Darling Darlings

Being in the Nashville area affords us plenty of access to style inspiration. Luckily for us, however, we have a major source right in the salon: stylists Kendall, Sarah, and Tori, all of whom are expanding their fashion beauty influence through blogging and social media.

Keeping tabs on these ladies’ online presence is one of our favorite ways to start our days—or even just to stay inspired during downtime. Kendall’s blog, Darling Darlings, is a must-read that’s amassed quite a following over the years. Sarah has been serving up her beauty advice and musings over at Radiant Magazine and is equal parts informative and inspiring. And Tori’s fashion and beauty Instagram account (@killerkween) is absolute eye candy for your Instagram feed.

These women inspire us everyday just by existing—so it’s been extra fun to get to follow along as they share their expertise with the world. Give all three a follow to keep your summer style feeling fresh!




This one’s new to us! For the first time, Tangerine owner Kara will be speaking at the Murfreesboro Young Professionals Leadership Summit.

Murfreesboro Young Professionals is an organization dedicated to helping young people expand their network and learn more about business and entrepreneurship in an open, supportive environment.

Kara will join other community leaders along with New York Times bestselling author Donald Miller in speaking to an audience of 800-1,000 people. We’re especially excited to hear what Donald has to say—his book Scary Close is all about building deeper, more meaningful relationships by valuing connecting with people over impressing them. It’s a game-changer, and we don’t use that word lightly.

“If he speaks anything like he writes, he should change a lot of lives that day,” affirms Kara. Sign us up!

Those interested in registering can do so here.




We don’t have to tell you how tough the Tennessee heat makes this one. We have a special trick up our sleeve (literally) for keeping the heat at bay: the right scent.

The cooling properties of certain essential oils work wonders when it comes to helping you maintain, if not the real thing, at least the illusion of cool and the sensation of refreshment—no matter what the weather throws your way.

Our favorite? Stash a vial of Aveda Blue Oil Balancing in your purse and apply to pulse points (wrists, neck, temples) for instant refreshment, any time of day. The combo of peppermint and calming blue chamomile works wonders when it comes to soothing tension and boosting energy. (Goodbye, summer sluggishness!) This product is so good, we even give one to our summer brides to keep on hand for an instant moment of cool.

We hope your summers are going well and are just the right balance of exciting and refreshing. See you in the salon!