Moms Make Tangerine’s World Go Round

At Tangerine Salon & Spa, the very best salon in Murfreesboro, TN, we celebrate all the moms we see for services in our chairs every day. This Mother’s Day, we also want to take a moment to honor the moms behind the chairs at Tangerine.

We have 14 moms who work here with 25 (soon to be 26!) children between them. In true family business style, Emily Peek, the daughter of Tangerine owners Mark and Donna McCarrall, will be welcoming her first child in May 2021.

Celebrating Each Other
If you took a peak behind the scenes at Tangerine, you’d see a breakroom buzzing with tales of mischievous kids, and women offering motherly advice to one another. And pre-Covid, you may have found a child or two there after school so mom could work when schedules weren’t perfectly aligned.

We understand life with kids can often be unpredictable, and work together to move appointments and offer help if a mom needs to be home with a sick kid. Currently, we have three moms out on maternity leave and we’re all happy to pitch in to help until their return.  Hosting their baby showers, and handing down baby clothes also brings joy and togetherness in the salon.

There’s nothing we love more than a visit from a new mom and her sweet baby! Over the years, many of our front desk staffers have moonlighted as babysitters, offering their mom co-workers a trusted colleague to turn to (and peace of mind).

When you stop by the salon to pick up a Mother’s Day gift for the mom in your life, ask one of our team members for a recommendation—chances are, she’s a mom, too, and will have the perfect gift in mind.