“Make-Up” Your Own Inspiration

Every team member at Tangerine Salon holds a unique, powerful story. We encourage our team to be “Storymakers” uplifting others to discover and embrace their own stories. As you become more acquainted with someone’s story, you get a chance to honor their story. Today, we would like you to meet Storymaker Amy McElroy, Make-Up Artist and all around talented young soul! She works diligently to hone her passion and education in makeup, and we hope her story encourages you to continue to ‘make-up’ your inspiration on the daily!

Keep being honest, humble, real and raw.

Keep fighting the good fight with me.

Keep struggling along.

Walk if you have to. Crawl if you must.

Just don’t stop.”

– Jordan Lee Dooley “SoulScripts”

Amy’s favorite skill and service she performs is Makeup. She loves makeup….it’s just always been her thing. Her favorite part about makeup is a mix between the eyes and the lips. She loves doing makeup because she gets to be up close and personal with the face. As she has a conversation with a guest and she learns about their life, she has an opportunity to better understand and accentuate how they earned their laugh lines or why a scar may be on their cheek. Amy believes, “You miss really neat things about people when you just pass them in the street. So being able to see them up close like that is more than just making someone feel beautiful, but you get to know their story in a way.”

Amy finds inspiration in people when she witnesses the fire they ignite or a go-getter attitude. Being around people who aren’t going to sit still in this world inspires a way of making her want to do more and be better. Gratitude creates the attitude! Amy is grateful for each day….and for love. She finds her greatness in who the Lord says she is and not from the pressure of what the world may dictate. She used to feel “distracted by worldly things and want to fit into a mold of who everyone was and wanted to be.” Then once she realized how short life is and how people are put on this earth to love one another, then she started to see that striving for something that is unobtainable was just not worth the effort. So now she digs deeper to find her greatness and has discovered that being grateful affects her day to day life. And you might ask how the antiquated role of make-up being used to hide our less desirable traits plays into this philosophy? Amy doesn’t utilize makeup to hide imperfections, but rather highlights the beauty that exists naturally.

When asked what her favorite picture of herself is at the moment, she explains that this one is her favorite picture because “it is how I like to be the most. With a hat on, unbrushed hair, and no makeup.” As much as Amy loves creating her styles and wearing makeup, she acknowledges that the feeling of being “off” is just as rewarding. “Sometimes you really need to take the moments to find balance and celebrate the pieces of yourself which are uniquely you.”

Amy Mc

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