Fall-Ready and Fabulous: Your Guide to Keeping your Color Vibrant

This past summer met record high temperatures; with that came record high sun-damage to your hair color. At Tangerine Salon & Spa, we understand the importance of keeping your hair looking fabulous as the leaves begin to fall. With pumpkin spice season upon us, the time to refresh your color and texture is here–and we’ve got you covered! We have handpicked a fabulous collection of exclusive hair care products and expert color treatments, all geared to keep your color-treated strands looking flawless. 

Your Color’s Go-To BFF

So, you’re over letting the weather affect the longevity of your color–but what is there to do? Our Color Control Leave-in Conditioners are the ultimate protective shield for your hair, ensuring your color stays fresh and beautiful.

Using apricot and avocado oils to seal in moisture, these leave-in conditioners lock in color pigments for lasting effects. Naturally derived sand ginger is an organic sun protectant that helps fight off the harmful UV rays known for causing hues to fade. Based on your hair needs, choose from our light or rich options to protect against weathering. Whether you’re a radiant redhead, a striking brunette or an elegant raven-haired beauty, we have the perfect leave-in conditioner for you.


Boost it up!

For those seeking an extra boost of radiance this fall, our Color Renewal Color & Shine Treatments are a game-changer. These professional treatments are designed to revitalize your hair’s color, restore its shine and enhance its overall vibrancy.

The treatments are infused with a blend of shea butter and fruit oils that penetrate deep into your hair, replenishing lost nutrients and giving your color a fresh lease on life. They come in a variety of 4 shades suited for all tones of color treated hair. Whether you opt for a subtle enhancement or a dramatic color revival, our treatments will leave you feeling a 73% increase in the smoothness of your hair. These treatments are your ticket to radiant, vibrant, irresistibly smooth hair. Embrace the season with confidence and show off your gorgeous, revitalized tresses!

The Luminous Blonde Secret 

For all the blondies out there, we have a revolutionary solution to keep your color vibrant and lustrous. Blonde Revival Shampoo and Conditioner are infused with a blend of plant-based ingredients that gently cleanse and nourish your locks. This dynamic duo is specially formulated to combat brassiness and maintain cool, ashy tones. Blonde Revival Shampoo harnesses the power of purple pigments to neutralize unwanted warm undertones, while the conditioner replenishes moisture, leaving your hair soft, smooth and with a luminous shine. The lightweight oils—passionfruit and acai—revitalize overprocessed hair, giving you a soft-to-the-touch feel.

For maximum results, incorporate this powerful combo into your regular hair care routine, and watch as your blonde mane turns heads throughout the fall season.

Goodbye Color Fade and Hello Fall

As we bid farewell to summer and embrace the magical season of fall, book your color service today or call the salon at 615.896.3302 to ensure your color remains radiant and vibrant throughout the season. Say hello to fall with confidence, knowing that your hair color will shine bright regardless of the weather. Let Tangerine Salon & Spa be your partner in achieving the perfect look as the temperature drops.