Fall Focus: Wellness

With school back in session and sports and social calendars in full swing, fall in Murfreesboro is already feeling busier. And while having an engaging, full life is rewarding in its own right, it’s important both to slow down and recharge every now and then—and also to make strategic choices that can help you stay energized and content throughout the season and beyond.

Ahead, our tips for a season that allows for plentiful relaxation—without upending your calendar.

Kill two birds with one stone: book a facial.

You know a facial provides some much-needed, much-deserved time to unwind. But there’s a second benefit: a chance to make smart, cost-effective updates to your fall beauty regimen. During or after your service, your Tangerine esthetician can talk you through any skin challenges or concerns and help you plan for the effects of fall’s cool, dry air. Whether that means advising you on which of the new Tulas?ra concentrates are right for your needs or recommending a gentler cleanser, we’re happy to simplify your decision-making process.

Tulas?ra product line

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De-clutter your bathroom.

Chances are, you start and end your day undergoing the same face-washing, tooth-brushing routine in the same setting: your bathroom. Make this moment as peaceful as possible by clearing out the detritus that is prone to accumulating under sinks and at the back of shower caddies. (If you’re like us, there are at least a few empty bottles of shampoo and likely-expired sunscreen around there somewhere.) And best of all, bathroom clutter tends to be easier to banish than clutter elsewhere in your house—so even if your kitchen has become a war zone that needs a full day of attention, find solace in the fact that a committed 30 minutes cleaning the bathroom can work wonders for your sanity.

Find moments to de-stress during your day.

No matter how busy our days get, there are usually a few overlooked moments during which we could exercise a bit of self-care. Spend five minutes meditating or focusing on the things you’re most grateful for before you walk into the grocery store. Take deep, slow breaths while you’re in line for your daily coffee. Take a ten-minute walk near your office at lunch, and leave the phone behind. Keep Aveda Stress-Fix Concentrate on-hand—it’s like carrying a vial of spa with you wherever you go. You’ll find that even small pockets of time that you take for yourself can make a big difference in your overall energy, focus, and peace of mind.

Aveda Stress Fix

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Simplify your beauty routine.

No time to blowdry and style your hair before you run out the door in the morning? Invest 30 minutes of your weekend in mastering a few noheat hairstyles. This will speed things up—and (bonus!) keep your hair healthy during the winter when it’s prone to dryness.

No-neat hairstyles

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Start your next haircut with a massage.

You’re coming in anyway! Block out a bit of extra time to treat yourself to something extra—or ask about same-day availability when you come in for another service. We offer the standard 60 and 90-minute massages, but to make it even easier to add-on some relaxation time, you can also book 30-minute spa massages and 15-minute chair massages. Let’s be real: that’s the amount of time all of us probably spend each day hitting the snooze button or mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. Why not set an intention to invest that time in yourself? (Not that extra shuteye isn’t investing in yourself. Believe us. It is.)

Aveda Massage

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Make time to unplug.

While we’re on the subject of wasted mobile moments, let’s talk about the amount of time we spend gazing into our iPhone screens. (We’ll even admit to doing that doubly awful thing where you’re using your phone while watching TV—and we know we’re not alone.) Powering down can do everything from removing feelings of loneliness, envy, and FOMO to boosting creativity and allowing for real-life connection. Even if it’s just for 15 minutes, take some time away from your phone to read a book, do some reflecting, or enjoy a glass of wine. Facebook won’t miss you (and vice versa).

At Tangerine, we’ll be doing our part to continue making your life as smooth and stress-free as possible. Watch for new system changes next time you stop in, like our new mobile checkout process that allows you to wrap up your current service and pre-book your next one while you’re still in the chair—so you can focus on maximizing your time and your relaxation. And that’s a win-win.