Earth Day. Earth Month. Earth Year!

Happy Earth Month!

As we all know, Earth Month is a special time to reflect on the stewardship of our planet and take action to protect and conserve our precious resources. At Tangerine, we are committed to the Aveda mission and to making a positive impact on the environment while helping our clients do the same. 

In honor of Earth Month, we want to share some easy ways to contribute to the cause.

Conserve Water: 
Water is a precious resource that should not be taken for granted. Simple steps can make a big impact, like turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth or lathering your hair. Additionally, take shorter showers and avoid letting the water run while washing your face or doing dishes. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: 
The three R’s are essential when it comes to conserving resources. Reduce your consumption of single-use items by opting for reusable alternatives such as cloth shopping bags, water bottles, and coffee cups. (There are some very cute ones out nowadays). Choose reusable glass jars and containers for storage, and recycle properly by following your local recycling guidelines. 

Conserve Energy: 
Conserving energy is not only good for the environment–it’s also great for your wallet. Did you know that your phone and computer chargers still continue to draw energy while plugged in, even when they’re not connected to your devices? Using power strips with an on-off switch and unplugging that iPhone charger when you’re not using it are both good places to start.  Along those lines, you can also make a conscious effort to turn off lights, appliances, and electronics when not in use, and switch out your light bulbs with LED bulbs that last years longer and use far less energy. 

Support Sustainable Brands: 
Choosing products from sustainable brands can make a big difference in reducing your environmental footprint. As the original luxury beauty brand, Aveda is committed to sustainability, with initiatives such as using 100% post-consumer recycled packaging, sourcing organic and sustainable ingredients, and supporting fair trade communities. Not to mention, all Aveda products are 100% vegan. By choosing Aveda products and an Aveda salon like Tangerine, you are not only taking care of yourself–you are also supporting a brand that has cared for the planet for the last 40+ years. 

Educate and Advocate: 
Educating yourself and advocating for environmental conservation is crucial for creating lasting change. Stay informed about environmental issues, and share your knowledge with others. Join a community organization that helps ecological pursuits in your local community and support organizations and initiatives that are working towards environmental conservation. You, too, can use your voice to advocate for policies that protect our planet! 

Of course, living in the stunning natural beauty of Tennessee, we are particularly committed to being environmentally responsible in all aspects of our operations and preserving the gorgeous world around us. And we think it’s important to remember that really, Earth Day is every day. It’s what we believe at Tangerine, and how we operate year-round.

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