Ditch the New Year, New You Hair Routine— Embrace What Works in 2024

Happy 2024! It seems like every other year’s mantra has been “New Year, New Me”. But what about the 2023 version of you that survived it all? 2023 you deserve a pat on the back for making it to 2024. That’s why here at Tangerine Salon & Spa we’re ditching the start from scratch narrative and focusing on embracing what worked for us in 2023 while taking a new approach to the things that didn’t. The same goes when it comes to hair (our specialty); we want to help you enhance what worked in your routine and ditch what didn’t.

Here are five steps to help you figure out what part of your 2023 hair care regime worked for you, and what parts need a little adjusting. Take what you need, leave what you don’t:


Step 1: Strip the bad stuff, leave the color

To maintain the optimal condition of your hair, it’s crucial to choose a shampoo that effectively removes buildup without compromising your natural oils and the vibrancy of color-treated locks. Traditional shampoos containing harsh sulfates and chemicals can damage the cuticle and disrupt the ideal pH balance of your strands.

Even if your color has grown out, preserving its integrity is vital for a seamless touch-up process. A reliable solution for keeping your hair protected is the color control shampoo. This sulfate-free cleanser delicately purifies your hair without stripping it. Its plant-powered formula forms a hydrophobic layer during shampooing, reducing color fade while removing excess oils.


Step 2: Prevent Hair Loss

One of the most important things you can do for your tresses is prevent excess fall-out. This can mean anything from using satin pillowcases to only brushing while your hair is wet in the shower. If you are not already taking extra precautions when it comes to hair loss, we got you covered!

Using a product that contributes to your scalps retention can make all the difference. You can pick up the invati advanced scalp revitalizer, a treatment with a unique blend of natural ingredients that penetrate deeply into the cuticle to support the natural keratin in your hair. The patented bio-fermented blend invigorates the scalp when massaged in. The formula also provides instant thickness and lifting of the hair at the root.


Step 3: Protect and Nourish 

As we head into 2024, let’s shine a spotlight on a crucial element in our hair care routines—hydration out of the shower. Incorporating a leave-in conditioner is the unsung hero that steps up to the plate, providing instant moisture, detangling, and a shield against daily wear and tear.

Life’s demands, from styling tools to environmental factors, can leave our hair parched and prone to damage. That’s where a leave-in conditioner becomes essential in your hair care routine. We’ve been loving the nutriplenish leave-in conditioner as our do-it-all leave-in conditioner. This simple addition, with its lightweight formula, becomes a versatile ally for all hair types and textures. It provides 72 hours of moisture, thermal protection and a barrier against the drying effects of the sun—leaving your hair soft, manageable, and ready to take on the year.


Step 4: Going the extra mile for strength!

Now that we’ve covered stripping away the unnecessary, preventing excess hair loss, and embracing lasting hydration, it’s time to focus on revitalizing and strengthening your locks. Life can take a toll on our hair, and it deserves some extra care to stay healthy and resilient.

In the spirit of our commitment to enhancing what worked in your 2023 hair care routine, let’s introduce a simple yet powerful addition—hair masking! Applying a masque once every couple of weeks isn’t just about restoring; it’s about elevating your hair to a new level of health and vibrancy.

The botanical repair intensive strengthening masque conditions with two times the plant lipids, creating a luxurious experience for your strands. Your hair becomes visibly healthier, softer, and shinier after just one use. It’s the kind of transformation that speaks volumes.


Step 5: Regular salon visits

Regular salon visits are not just about styling; they’re a key component in the ongoing care and maintenance of your hair. Our professionals can assess your hair’s condition, recommend adjustments to your routine, and introduce specialized treatments to address any evolving needs.

As we step into 2024, let’s embrace the spirit of a “New Year, Better Me” where we recognize the strength of the 2023 version of ourselves that brought us here. It’s not about starting from scratch but about refining what already works. Integrating these steps and products into your routine is a powerful way to honor the past while ensuring your journey to healthier, happier hair. Here’s to a year of building on the foundation of what works and letting go of what doesn’t— book with your favorite stylist at Tangerine Salon & Spa to ensure your hair remains vibrant, resilient, and in its best possible condition throughout 2024.