Add A Little Polish To Your Life With Our New Nail Services

Two hands with a French manicure featuring tan nail polish and white tips, shown against a light background.

At Tangerine Salon & Spa, we always want you to feel like your best self from head to toe! After your salon or spa appointment, a nail service is the perfect way to top off your self-care day. Stop by and check out our revamped nail treatments.


We are so excited to welcome Faith Myers to Tangerine! Ever since they were younger and saw their mom and sister work as cosmetologists, they knew the beauty industry was right for them. They love being creative—and it’s easy to see with their fabulous portfolio of nail art and designs.


Whether you work with your hands or enjoy a more leisurely lifestyle, we offer a variety of manicure options to suit your needs. We offer gel-x nails, poly-gel artificial nails and can even create stunning designs on your natural nails! Stop by Tangerine and our team will recommend the perfect manicure or pedicure for you.

Do your nails need a refresh? Call 615.896.3302 or schedule an appointment online!