Achieve Your Lash Goals With Extensions

Looking for fuller and thicker lashes—that are still lightweight and comfortable? VoMor lash is the perfect option for you! Our esthetician just recently completed the VoMor Lash certification class and we are SO excited to give your lashes an upgrade.

Why VoMor Lash?

Your eyes are the first thing people notice (they are windows to the soul, after all.) Healthy looking lashes make your eyes pop, and are a great way to enhance your natural beauty.

There are many reasons why your eyelashes may not be as thick or voluminous as desired—age, constant rubbing, genetics and medical conditions to name a few. Whether you want natural lashes or a more dramatic look, VoMor lash extensions are the perfect solution to help you achieve your lash goals.

What Makes VoMor Unique?

VoMor lashes are a quick and convenient service–the application is easy and only takes 30 minutes. Since we have a VoMor lash certified stylist, you can schedule multiple services in one visit to create your perfect self-care day. This convenience makes it easy to stay on top of your treatments and maintain your lashes.

VoMor lashes come in four styles: natural, soft, strong and bold. Having options is essential to finding the perfect lashes to fit your eye shape. With VoMor, you can experiment with different looks and see what works best for you.

Ready to elevate your lashes? Call 615.896.3302 to schedule your appointment, or book online.