A Salon For All Ages

A person with long, wavy blond hair wears a leopard print face mask and a camouflaged shirt, standing outdoors in front of blurred buildings.


Beauty is for everyone! Here at Tangerine Salon & Spa, the best salon in Murfreesboro, TN, we love guests of all ages. The best part about being a multi-generational salon? Seeing families walk through our doors!

We wanted to know what exactly inspires love and loyalty in our guests. To find out, we asked Tricia, who has been a guest of Tangerine since 2008.

Tricia’s daughter Rachel, a college student, and mother-in-law, Sandra, have been guests of Tangerine since Tricia recommended the salon in 2008. Through the years, they have been passed down to new stylists as others retired, but their loyalty to Tangerine has not wavered.

We sat down with Tricia to talk about why Tangerine has remained their salon of choice—and her insight speaks volumes about the quality of service we provide for each of our clients.


What is it about Tangerine that instills loyalty in guests?

The staff at Tangerine has always focused on caring for their guests—from making sure we are quickly checked-in and comfortable, to ensuring we are happy with our service. I feel like I am valued as a customer—this resulted in recommending Tangerine to my mother-in-law and my daughter.


Why Tangerine?

I look forward to every appointment, but I especially appreciate services after a full day of work. I’m a kindergarten teacher and although it is a very rewarding career, it can be stressful from time to time.

I particularly enjoy the complimentary scalp massage and the Aveda scents—they help me to relax after a long day. I also appreciate talking with my stylist, Ashlynn, and catching up on the latest since my last appointment.


How does Tangerine provide great services for all generations?

I think the staff at Tangerine does a great job of staying educated on the latest trends and styles. Ashlynn and the stylists here truly listen to their clients and give great suggestions on what would work best depending on our individual needs. The time and consideration taken with each customer makes Tangerine a destination salon for all ages.

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